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These ur Pre-Cut Vinyl Rectangular Multi Labels in a striking Matte Silver finish. With a sleek design tailored to fit A4 sheets, each pack contains 2 labels in a 1x2 arrangement, allowing for ample labelling without compromising style.


These matte silver labels elevate any task, offering a touch of elegance combined with practicality. Perfectly sized for a variety of applications, they're especially suited for event invitations, luxury product labelling, certificates, and any occasion where a touch of finesse is desired.


Boasting easy peel-and-stick application, these labels are designed to adhere securely to a range of surfaces. Their waterproof quality ensures longevity, maintaining their premium look against spills or moisture. The matte silver finish provides a refined background, ensuring legibility and enhancing printed content.


Ideal for both business and personal projects, the Pre-Cut Vinyl Rectangular Multi Labels in Matte Silver is not just a label—it's an upgrade. Enhance your branding, events, or personal items with a touch of luxury that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Pre-Cut Vinyl Labels Matte Silver (1x2, 2 per A4 Sheet) | A4INK&LAS-M-SILVER-1x2

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  • Microsoft Word (.docx) templates
    We have provided a .docx template document for Microsoft Word. If the guidelines do not show up, you can enable them by clicking on the "View Guidelines" button under the "Layout" tab.

    Adobe Templates
    If you prefer to use Adobe's software for your Pre-Cut Labels, we've also got you covered! We have templates available in Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai), and InDesign (.indd) formats.

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