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Heavy-duty double-sided carpet tape ensures that your carpets and rugs are secured exactly how you want them. Suitable for an extensive range of surfaces, including rugs, mats, tile, hardwood, leather, marble, and vinyl, this versatile tape is a must-have for any homeowner or tradesperson.


Can also be used for other heavy-duty purposes such as securing decorations, mounting accessories, or reinforcing furniture. Its powerful adhesive offers reliable performance, allowing you to use it for both temporary and permanent applications without leaving any messy residue behind.


Easy to apply and remove, this double-sided carpet tape is designed to provide a no-fuss solution for all your securing needs. Whether fixing carpets at special events or holding down mats in high-traffic areas, the tape's excellent adhesion properties reduce the risk of trips and slips, offering stability and safety.


Available in various lengths and widths to suit your specific needs, invest in this quality double-sided carpet tape for a smooth and finished appearance in your home or office. Experience the convenience of secure comfort with every step, knowing that your floors and belongings are firmly in place.

Double Sided Carpet Tape - 20mm x 10m | TCT-20x10

£2.99 Regular Price
£2.24Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Brand Evergreen Goods™
    Type of Tape Double Sided Carpet Tape
    Tape Width (Millimetres) 20mm
    Roll Length (Meters) 10m
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