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Copper tape has a variety of applications.


Pest Control

Copper acts as a non-lethal deterrent for slugs and snails. Their slime, in reaction to the copper, causes a minuscule electric shock, which will lead them to avoid the tape. Gardeners can stick the copper tape around the rim of flowerpots to protect their plants. This can also be applied to raised gardening beds. An application of a second strip will increase the chances of deterring the pest.


Electrical Uses

This tape is ideal for circuitry because copper is a great conductive metal. Using copper in sticky-tape form allows the user great flexibility in applying the tape onto tricky uneven surfaces.


EMI & RFI Shielding

As our society increasingly relies on electronics, Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency interference will continue to become more prevalent.
Copper is an effective shield against such interferences as it attenuates electromagnetic and radio waves efficiently.


Arts & Craft

Shiny metallic surfaces can bring any artistic creations to life. With the sticky underside, you can simply cut it to your desired shape and apply it to your art piece.

Copper Tape - 50mm x 15m | CP-50x15

Sales Tax Included
  • Brand Evergreen Goods™
    Type of Tape Copper Tape
    Tape Width (Millimetres) 50mm
    Roll Length (Meters) 15m
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