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Make a statement with these pearlescent silver vinyls. This material will absorb ink and blend its lightly pearled surface with your design.
Whether this material is used for professional or personal applications, the result will certainly leave a lasting impression.
This will stick permanently on paper packaging, jars, bottles and all other clean smooth glass, plastic and paper surfaces.

A4 Matte Silver Sticker Vinyl | Waterproof, Inkjet & Laser | INK&LAS-M-SILVER

Sales Tax Included
  • The print and the material itself are waterproof so you would not have to worry about any spillages on your design.

    Please note that although the print and material are waterproof, the ink used for the print may not be UV-proof.
    If your design is intended to be used in an environment with prolonged exposure to the sun, then we recommend a fixative spray.

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