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Discover the ease of labelling with our pre-cut rectangular-shaped sticker paper multi-labels in matte white. Each label has been thoughtfully sized to accommodate a wide variety of uses, with 8 labels neatly arranged on an A4 sheet, offering you a multitude of opportunities to organize and personalize in style.


Designed for both professional and personal applications, these paper labels serve as an excellent tool for streamlined product labelling, enhancing office organization, or adding a personalised touch to gifts. Though not waterproof or tearproof, they offer a clean and modern canvas for your messages, crafted with a quality matte finish to give a professional and contemporary look to any item.


Easy to print and apply, these pre-cut labels provide a practical and attractive solution to meet your labelling needs. Choose our matte white paper labels to convey your message in a way that is both economical and stylish, suitable for indoor use and situations where they remain dry and intact.

Pre-Cut Paper Multi Labels Matte White (2x4, 8 per A4 Sheet) | A4PMW-RRC-2x4

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  • Microsoft Word (.docx) templates
    We have provided a .docx template document for Microsoft Word. If the guidelines do not show up, you can enable them by clicking on the "View Guidelines" button under the "Layout" tab.

    Adobe Templates
    If you prefer to use Adobe's software for your Pre-Cut Labels, we've also got you covered! We have templates available in Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai), and InDesign (.indd) formats.

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