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A4 Splashproof Glossy White Photo Paper Sticker Labels

Step into a world of superior print quality with our A4 Splashproof Glossy White Photo Paper Sticker Labels. Boasting vibrant colours and sharp details, these labels showcase your designs with unrivalled brilliance. Their glossy finish further amplifies their visual appeal, lending an exquisite sheen that captivates the eye.


Weather the Spills: Splashproof & Durable

Experience worry-free usage with our splashproof labels. Manufactured to withstand accidental spills, these labels ensure that your precious prints remain unharmed, making them the ideal choice for environments where minor water exposure may occur. While they aren't designed for extended water submersion, their resilience against temporary exposure to lqiuids ensures your designs maintain their vibrancy.


High Print Quality: Glossy White Sticker Labels

Our A4 Splashproof Glossy White Paper Sticker Labels are a print enthusiast's dream. Capable of reproducing prints of extraordinary clarity and colour, these labels bring out the best in your designs. Ideal for premium product labelling or high-quality sticker making, these labels make your creations stand out with stunning precision and lustre.

A4 Glossy White Photo Sticker Paper Labels | Splashproof, Inkjet & Laser | FOTO

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  • Prints on this material are splashproof so you would not have to worry about any light spillages on your design.

    Although the print is splashproof, the material itself is not waterproof.
    So please avoid prolonged exposure to liquids.

    Please also note that although the print is splashproof, the ink or toner used for the print is not UV-proof.
    If your design is intended to be used in an environment with prolonged exposure to the sun, then we recommend a fixative spray.

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