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Have something to shout about? These are eye-catching labels ideal for promotions and other attention-grabbing purposes. Also perfect for kid projects and arts and craft.

A4 Laser Fluorescent (Neon) Paper Labels | SA-FLU

Sales Tax Included
  • For laser printer use only.

  • Before printing out your design, we recommend doing a test print to establish whether the current temperature settings suit the material.

    With a test document, print a small shape or letter first to see if the print comes out as expected. Proceed to use the sheet for your intended use if the test print has no issues.
    However, if the toner is peeling or is not bonded with the material properly, the temperature of the print may need to be increased.

    The default temperature settings are usually perfect for ordinary printer / copier papers.
    However, our sheets (including the backing paper), are much thicker. This increased thickness requires a higher temperature setting to ensure that toner bonds with the material properly.
    Some printers identify the temperature settings as thickness settings.
    Eg. The default thickness setting for most printers is identified as "Plain Papers".
    The thinnest (lowest temperature) setting is identified as "Draft".
    The thickest (highest temperature) is identified as "Card Stock".
    Every printer is different, it can be called Paper Type, or even simply "Temperature".

    Please try to increase the temperature slightly for each test print until you are happy with the results.

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