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Make Your Food Pouches Look Professional

Updated: Jan 24

For this design outcome, I have made a front base design as well as a banner design that wraps around the pouch to seal the items inside. You are welcome to skip out either the base or the banner designs for a simpler design. For this example, I am using the windowed pouch. If you plan on using a pouch without a window, you can skip out measurements C and D from the base design.

1. First sketch out your desired base and/or banner design.

2. Measure out the dimensions needed for your pouch. - Base Label Design To ensure you get the optimum measurements and alignment for your labels, you will first have to gather a few measurements. For the Top Base Label, we require the measurements of A and C. Make sure you leave a margin from the edge of the pouch to neatly fit your label (the lines illustrated in blue on the arrow). For the Bottom Base Label, you will require measurements A and D. - Banner Label Design The Banner Label acts as a seal for the pouch. It consists of one continuous label that wraps around the top of the pouch from the front to the back. For the front side of the Banner Label (E by G), you will require the mid-point of measurements A by C (illustrated with the green dotted line). You can align this mid-point with the middle of your Banner Label design (E by G) to ensure your label can be placed neatly in the centre of the pouch. For the backside of the banner label, the size can be determined by the amount of content needed on the label. Just make sure you leave enough margin to the edge of the pouch. For our example, this is represented by measurements E by H. Once the design of the main part of the Banner Label for the front and back is completed, measure from the top edge of the banners to the edge of the pouch (illustrated as measurement F1 and F2). F1 and F2 will make the strip that wraps around the top of the pouch.

3. Now, you can create the design of the labels in your preferred application, in this example, I used Photoshop. Create the documents based on the measurements gathered from the steps above.

4. Design your label!

5. Once you are happy with your design, print it out on the self-adhesive paper labels. Make sure you feed the label in correctly, ensuring that the printer prints on the adhesive side and not on the backing paper.

6. Cut out your label.

7. Now, you can finalise your design by following the steps below: - Stick down the Base Label - Place the contents into the pouch - Seal the pouch tightly shut - Stick down the Banner Label

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