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To ensure your bottled goods arrive safely at their destination, protection is essential.


The boxes are manufactured from strong sturdy cards and the bags are produced from high-quality PE/PA.


The material of the bags is 100μm thick, which will provide your goods with extra protection. This bag comes with a handy green inflation valve so you can easily locate the inflation opening to insert your pump.

The cardboard is corrugated, this will improve the structural integrity of the box and help disperse shock.


When inflated, the bags will fit perfectly within the boxes. Used together, this protective packaging bundle will safeguard your glass bottles / jars such as wine, beer, champagne, and spirits.


This bundle fits 1 bottle up to 13 inches in height and 4 inches in diameter.

100μm Inflatable Valved Bags & Single Layer Box for 1 Wine / Drink Glass Bottles

Sales Tax Included
  • Instructions for inflating are straightforward. Before inflation, place the bottle/jar inside the bag. Locate the green valve opening for inflation and insert the air pump's nozzle, then inflate.

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