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These waterproof labels allow for effortless printing of designs within the circular pre-cut form, providing a sleek and professional finish to your labelling needs.

Essential and versatile, these labels are crafted to cater to a multitude of tasks. Ideal for mailing, organising, and product labelling, their compatibility with various printers ensures that you get sharp and clear prints every time. Whether you're sending out letters or parcels, marking folders, or giving products a signature touch, these matte white labels blend seamlessly with any surface.

What sets these labels apart is their waterproof quality, ensuring durability and resistance against wear and tear. The label fits perfectly for a wide range of applications, offering enough space for logos, addresses, or any vital information.

Suitable for both personal and commercial use, our circular matte white labels offers reliability and elegance in one package. Enhance your organisation and branding with these high-quality labels, and experience the convenience and sophistication they bring to your daily tasks.

Ø37mm Circle Pre-Cut Vinyl Labels Matte White (4x6, 24/Sheet) | A4INKMW-C-37mm

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  • Microsoft Word (.docx) templates
    We have provided a .docx template document for Microsoft Word. If the guidelines do not show up, you can enable them by clicking on the "View Guidelines" button under the "Layout" tab.

    Adobe Templates
    If you prefer to use Adobe's software for your Pre-Cut Labels, we've also got you covered! We have templates available in Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai), and InDesign (.indd) formats.

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